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The O Collection

Little O - 1"  Round (Short or Long Wire) 

Double O's  (2) 1" Round cork/leather circles linked together

Double Big O- 1" Round linked on top of 1.5" Round 

Double Bigger O - 1" Little O over a 1.75" Round Cut

Big O - 1.5" Round (Short or Long Wire)

O Snap - 1.75" Round w 1" cut out  (Short or Long Wire)

Thin O- 1.5" Round w 1" Cut out  (Short or Long Wire)

O-Lay - 1"(little O)  layered over 1.5" (Big O)   (Long Wire Only)

Fancy- Half of a 1.5" Circle- Secured by 2 Wires that are about 2" Long

OG-   Half of a 1.5" Circle over a Full 1.5" Circle

Rachael- 1" Little O linked on top of a 1.5" Thin O